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You gotta fight for your right to party, I mean fly fish

July 31, 2012

Check out this blog post from over at SCOF about one of the dumbest anti-fishing installations ever.  Why would you improve a fishery just to block access to it?




The Name of the Game is Changing

June 5, 2012

The face of fly fishing is changing.  For years, to both members of the sport and outsiders, a fly fisherman has been stereotypically viewed as a white haired old man standing in perfectly calm water delicately casting to gently sipping brown trout.  Think the dad in A River Runs Through It.  If you don’t know who that is chances are you aren’t a fly fisher, but if you are one, there is something seriously wrong with you for not seeing that movie.

Ok, getting back to my point, for years fly fishing has been viewed as an elitist sport.  The equipment is way more expensive, the traditional locations are in more picturesque locations, and the fishing is more delicate.  While this may be our sport’s past, it sure isn’t its present.

While the older generation still in the sport, lets say the majority of those over the age of 35-40, still fall into the traditional camp, the young guys of the sport are looking to shake things up a bit.

This new generation of fly fishermen is a lot like the new alt-rock bands that formed in the 90’s.  Those guys were looking to redefine their parent’s version of music, and guess what, they did.  The same is true for the new fly fishers.  They are looking to expand and change the old style of the sport into realms never before explored.

When my buddies and I are looking for a place to go fishing chances are that we will at least consider the more well known hot spots, but most of the time we are going to end up at some unproven intersection of water and road that we found on Google Maps.  To us, fly fishing isn’t as much about the fishing as it is about the adventure and the exploration.

Fly fishing isn’t about bamboo rods and woven creels anymore.  It’s becoming a down and dirty sport with a new generation of guys who are truly a breed all of their own.  To the old guys, thanks for all of the knowledge and history that you have passed down to us.  For the rest of us though, go crack open some warm PBRs and get out the cheap handle of bourbon because we’re here to stay.


It’s not fly fishing but it’s still not too bad

June 2, 2012

This OSV permit on my car is going to get some use this summer

The Tye River

April 10, 2012

Hey guys,

In the next few days I’ll put something up about last weekend’s trip to Nelson County, VA and the Tye River. Just waiting on my dad to email me the pictures.


A Year on the Fly

February 23, 2012
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Hey guys,


I stumbled across this fly blog on the internet when I was “studying” earlier this week.  This guy writes up some good articles and can paint a killer fish.  Check them out here:



Yellow Backed Fly

February 21, 2012

Check out this song, written by Steve Martin off his album Rare Bird Alert.  Steve isn’t playing the banjo in this version but his band, the Steep Canyon Rangers, still do it justice.




Tying for Spring has begun

February 21, 2012

Hey guys,


Over the last week or so I’ve kicked my tying into high gear to get my boxes filled up for when it finally gets warm again and hatches are at least somewhat happening.  Besides tying the more traditional patterns, I’ve been working on a few new ones of my own.  Here’s a new streamer that I’ve come up with.  It doesn’t have a name yet so I’m open to any suggestions.


It looks droopy because of the articulation joint


Hooks: 2 Daiichi 1850 streamer hooks, size 8

Thread: Black 6/0 UNI-Thread

Tail: Natural squirrel hair (on both hooks)

Legs: Brown/Black silly legs

Upper wing: Black rabbit zonker strip

Lower Wing: Arctic fox tail fur, taken from bottom half of tail, underfur combed out

Flash: Rainbow flashabou

Eyes: Med. painted dumbbell eyes

Connection: 40lb tippet material, tied in and looped on forward hook


I’m thinking this guy will work on the big browns down at Mossy Creek and hopefully on the bass here at H-SC.